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Becoming a Certified Practitioner

The process of becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) is not difficult, but there are a few steps to the process. There is not a defined time frame in which this process must be completed, but many individuals take between 6 months and 2 years to become a CBP. It’s up to you, your schedule, and how much you are able to focus on studying and practice. So, in order to become a CBP, you must complete the following:

  • Complete BodyTalk Fundamentals with any Certified BodyTalk Instructor (CBI).

  • Either attend BodyTalk Fundamentals for a second time, at a reduced cost, OR take the BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration class with any CBI. (Depending on your membership level, you may be eligible for up to 75% discount on retaking an IBA seminar. Members only have to pay 25% of the cost of the course to monitor.

  • Complete and document at least fifty BodyTalk sessions, with a minimum of fifteen different people, without the use of protocol charts or manuals.

  • Documentation of sessions should demonstrate wide use of the BodyTalk techniques and will be reviewed by an examining CBI prior to exam.

  • Receive a minimum of five BodyTalk sessions from a CBP and provide documented evidence of such.

  • Study for the Fundamentals exam (Practice Exam and tips are located in the Members Area of the IBA website).

  • Set up a time to take the Fundamentals Exam with any CBI (Certified BodyTalk Instructor).

  • Take and pass with a 90% or better both the written and oral practical examination with an examining CBI. The exam cost is $250 USD, payable to CBI prior to start of exam and a $50 processing fee payable to the IBA upon submitting certification.


Once you successfully pass the Fundamentals exam, you are eligible and strongly encouraged to upgrade your Standard Membership to a Practicing membership to then be listed amongst the other BodyTalk professionals so that you can start receiving referrals directly from the IBA website.

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