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BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration

This course is designed to help BodyTalk students refine their skills in the practical aspects of BodyTalk Fundamentals.

This course will vary slightly from Instructor to Instructor.


The Instructor will clarify any questions the students have about the Fundamentals techniques, taking the CBP exam, exploring procedure, muscle checking, how to talk about BodyTalk, how to explain the sessions to your clients, and questions and concerns about treating clients.


He/she will review the more challenging aspects of the Fundamentals and delve deeper into any of the areas covered in the Fundamentals depending on their area of expertise or questions asked by the students. For example, one may choose to delve deeper into the Lymph (drainage), Active Memory, Body Chemistry, Cellular Repair, Meridians, engaging your intuition, etc.

Course Outline:

  • Q and A

  • Review of Exploring Procedure

  • Review of Techniques

  • Discussion and practice on refining your muscle checking

  • Discussion about how to prepare for the exam and answering any questions pertaining to the exam

  • Appendices

  • How to discuss BodyTalk with new clients

  • How to simply discuss sessions with clients

  • Delving deeper into specific areas of Fundamentals based on the Instructors areas of expertise

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the student will:

  • Describe the Exploring Procedure, and the meanings of Details, More Specific, Orientation, Definition, Link, Implementation, Tap Out, Specific Tapping, Hand Placements, Breathing

  • Describe how to professionally explain a session, and formulas to a client.

  • Demonstrate confidence with their muscle checking.

  • Describe all of the Fundamental techniques and how to perform sessions on clients.

  • Describe how to use the appendices in the back of the Fundamentals manual.

  • Discuss BodyTalk with potential new clients.

  • Other objectives addressed will be dependent on the Instructor teaching the course.

  • Describe how to prepare for the CBP exam

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