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MindScape is coming to Ireland!

MindScape is Coming to Ireland this Summer




Join Heidi for a transformative MindScape workshop on August 10-11, 2024. This event offers both online and in-person participation, inviting you to explore your intuitive and creative potential in the beautiful setting of Cork, Ireland (GMT). 


MindScape is a meditation course which supports your journey of self discovery. 


Are you accessing the full potential of your mind!? 


This course will help you:

- Discover your intuitive language

- Gain self confidence and learn to trust your intuition

- Improve relationships

- Enhance your creative abilities

- Calm the body-mind and reduce stress

- Connect with nature and animals

- Gain focus, clarity and improve memory

- Unlock deeper levels of awareness

- Enhance personal development

- Enhance life's creative energy

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