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Advanced MindScape - Integrating Wisdom

Advanced MindScape - Integrating Wisdom is the next step for MindScape students who wish to take their skills and techniques further. Over three full days, participants will expand on the paradigm and concepts of the MindScape method, and learn powerful new techniques to open more possibilities. You will upgrade your workshop and create new tools to heighten your powers of creativity, imagination and intuition as well as build trust within yourself. You will experience powerful exercises to strengthen your conscious awareness, accessing a deeper knowing within yourself. You will learn to answer questions about your life / goals that you have as well as create new problem solving skills. You will also learn to access your workshop instantly allowing access to your workshop, anytime, anywhere, with your eyes open or closed. You will learn techniques and methods to activate, strengthen and sharpen your innate remote viewing skills. You will explore the concept of inter- connectedness or one-ness within yourself and world around you as well as experience and question the belief systems you have about time and space. You will learn to observe patterns through archetypes that you play out in your daily life as well as explore different ways to view or perceive the life you are living now. With different perspectives, you have an opportunity to shift the way you look at and
experience the world around you. This three day workshop is powerful and fun, where you can utilise your MindScape workshop whether you are working or playing. The pre-requisite for Advanced MindScape- Integrating Wisdom is that the participant has attended MindScape and is familiar with the Workshop technique.


Heidi's Advanced MindScape class was engaging. I looked forward to each lesson with enthusiasm and curiosity. Heidi taught the concepts together with many everyday dynamics and made learning fun and interesting as well as opening our minds to other possibilities that we could engage with, in our surroundings. She also provided ways and suggestions on how to work with the information we were receiving. There was a nice blend of information along with instruction and guidance throughout the whole class. Completing each lesson with time to process and discuss the experience. And when the class was complete we were able to discuss and share what goals we had and whether we felt we had received the necessary information we needed. I felt fully supported in my experience and recommend this
class to anyone interested in further exploring MindScape.
~Rose F.

Course Description:

  • Build confidence using your MindScape by creating new tools within our workshops, creating a connected-ness within ourselves and our clair abilities.

  • Clear filters by becoming aware of thought patterns and belief systems that hold us back from living our full potential.

Inner, Outer World Exploration

  • Discover how the answer is never separate from our problems and how our inner and outer worlds are not separate either.

Connect with the Masculine and Feminine Within

  • Bond with mother nature and connect in with the masculine and feminine versions of yourself and the oneness of all as a totality.

  • Notice and experience the patterns and archetypes you play out in your day-to-day life and your motivations behind them.

Change in Perspective Experience

  • Explore relationships with others and be curious to see how perspectives may change.

Remote Viewing

  • Practice gaining sensitivity to accessing information and experience playing with time and space.

Connection Experience

  • Feel the divine love and power you share with nature and deepen your understanding that nothing is separate by tuning into the light that is held within everything around us.

Creating a New Experience for Yourself

  • Find clarity with your fellow students by sharing and receiving insights about final questions/intentions that feel unfinished using your MindScape tools.

Course Outline
  1. Review MindScape tools, notice if any resistance, invitation to ask questions, set an intention for the course

  2. Quick access- Mudra to get into MindScape, experience being in MindScape anytime in the day, exploring our senses and subtle senses, left and right brain, and our 3 brains- scanning these

  3. Exploring time and space belief systems as well as noticing our thoughts/ mind chatter in relation to our belief systems

  4. There is no separation between our inner and outer worlds, MindScape with our eyes open

  5. The roles we play- exploring how we play out different archetypal roles in our day and explore if they are working for us or not

  6. Finding a balance between doing and being

  7. Develop an awareness of conscious languaging. Experience an exercise on - A shift in perspective - seeing things in a different way both in nature and in relationship with others

  8. Remote viewing exercise- both their home/ surroundings and a
    1922 experience

  9. Exploring Relationships with ourselves and others- connect to our hearts and connecting to love - self love, love for another, love of our bodies and receiving love

  10. Experiencing the divinity within nature, others and ourselves

  11. MindScape can be experienced at any time in any space

  12. Exploring intentions and integration for the future

I have taken many courses with Heidi as my teacher, and have always, sincerely enjoyed and valued my learning experiences. However, this Advanced MindScape course has been my absolute favourite and left me truly inspired. Starting the first day by tuning into all of our different brains and senses was a great way to become grounded and confident in preparation for the rest of the weekend. I also felt it was very valuable to discuss our belief systems and practice becoming more aware of our thought patterns by commenting them in the chat throughout the weekend. I also loved how integrative this course was to our everyday lives. Being active in Alpha while going on walks every day taught me the ability to be present while aware of signs, synchronicities, my thought patterns, and the light within all my surroundings. I learned about the different archetypes I play out, the effects my language has on my well-being, compassion for other people's perspectives, and the vast tools, information, and exercises MindScape can support me with. I feel like all of the segments during this course were important and powerful in my journey of self-discovery and believe this course will continue to affect my life positively as I process and integrate all the information. These three days felt like an adventure that allowed me to see myself, and the world around me with fresh eyes, which I learned from Heidi are not separate. ~Kelsey H

Course Objectives

Review MindScape tools and experience exercises to expand and integrate into your workshop. 


Confront your biggest obstacles with tools that allow you to observe from many different perspectives.


Connect into one-ness without judgement, and recognize that there is no separation between your inner and outer world.


Explore Possibilities and Probabilities as infinite. 


Shine your light by utilizing open channels of energy through curiosity, wonder and joy. 


Discover wholeness through activities that tune you into your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within. 


Understand more about the Archetypes and roles you play out in life, and how to work with them.


Learn to access your workshop within seconds in any environment. 


Experience Fun and powerful exercises to strengthen your conscious awareness. 


Wrap up this 3 day course with a segment that allows for integration and any extra support you need to confidently move forward with your Advanced MindScape practice.

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