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Listening to the BodyMind

As a BodyTalk Practitioner, I specialize in working one-on-one with women, men, children, and infants.


This simple, safe and effective method is non-invasive and  can be useful in a number of situations:


  • it can be used to address specific diseases and disorders

  • it can be used as a means of maintenance and prevention to keep the body in good health

  • it can be used to complement other treatment modalities.

Heidi is working with a client during a BodyTalk session
Heidi is performing a BodyTalk technique on a child

BodyTalk for Children

Many parents are concerned about their children’s health and compromised immunity as a result of ongoing lingering illnesses.


BodyTalk effectively addresses common children’s complaints such as colic, asthma, earaches, allergies, nightmares, hormonal changes during puberty.


Many children have experienced relief from the symptoms from ADD/ADHD, fears or phobias around school, other children, exam stress, teachers, bullying, concentration challenges. 

BodyTalk for Animals

The BodyTalk system enables us to balance the physical, emotional and environmental experiences of humans as well of animals, both domestic and wild.


A BodyTalk for Animals session compliments the veterinarian treatment. It accelerates healing, deals with stress, fear and separation anxiety that might have been caused by a visit to the vet or a stay at a kennel, or by being newly adopted.

grey stripped cat
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